27 03, 2019

Do I Need a Lawyer for My “Minor Injury”?

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Before you accept a settlement offer from an insurance adjuster, here's why you should first speak with a personal injury lawyer about your "minor injury".

18 12, 2018

If You’ve Been Injured, Can You Still Sue After Two Years?

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In Ontario, generally you have a two-year time limit to sue someone with respect to a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the facts of your case, however, you may still launch your lawsuit after two years from when you were injured. Here are some situations where such a claim may survive.

1 08, 2018

Rights and Obligations of Cyclists in Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Considerations for cyclists in motor vehicle accidents in Ontario. The amount of financial recovery you receive, if any, will depend on many factors, including whether a deductible will be applied against the awarded or settlement amount.