Mediation is a tool parties may use to settle disputes. A neutral third party (Mediator) helps the parties seek a resolution of their dispute. A Mediator does not assess liability or place blame on any party, rather they are a referee that assists both parties to work through each issue in a fair and balanced fashion.

Ontario Mandatory Mediation

On January 4, 1999 the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program started in Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor. The program is designed for parties involved in civil litigation and estate matters to try and settle their dispute before they get to trial, thereby saving time and money. Over 90% of cases get settled before they reach trial. Under the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program cases are referred to mediation early in the litigation process, usually after examination for discovery to give parties an opportunity to discuss the issues in dispute.

The mediation process is informal and completely confidential. Parties in mediation can speak more openly and in many cases people find mediations more comfortable and constructive than trials. Everything said at mediation is “without prejudice.” This means that whatever is said at mediation and whatever offers are made cannot be used later in the progress of the lawsuit, i.e. at trial. The Mediator cannot be called as a witness at trial.

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