Holiday parties have already begun. Be safe and watch out for these potential slip, trip and fall accident scenarios that can occur outside or inside of a restaurant, hotel, or other party venue.

Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

When walking to and from the party venue, be aware of the surface conditions. Walk slowly and in a well-lit area to help avoid slipping on ice. If snow is covering the ground, scan for changes in the terrain to avoid any potential trip hazards from hidden obstacles. If you plan on wearing heels or shoes that otherwise have no grip, it would be better to carry them into the venue and put them on there.

Watch out for runners around the doorway. Injuries have occurred from, for example, a fall after tripping on bunched up runners. Even where a runner isn’t bunched up, but it’s been laid on top of uneven pavement, one can easily flip the edge of the runner and stumble.

While in the venue, take a look at the floor for slippery surfaces arising from spilled drinks, or snow or slush brought in from footwear. Hold onto handrails when going up or down the stairs, especially if the floor is made of a slippery product like marble, or if the lighting condition is poor.

Action Upon an Accident

If an accident occurs and you find yourself injured:

  • Seek immediate medical attention, if appropriate.
  • Take photos of the environment and your injuries, and otherwise document what happened.
  • Get witness statements, if available.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you determine whether there could be a claim for negligence. If you had alcoholic drinks or took drugs around the time of the accident, you should reveal this to your lawyer. Should your claim proceed to discoveries, and the defendant learns that you were drinking or took drugs, they will argue that you were contributorily negligent. A finding of contributory negligence means that you somehow furthered the harm you suffered. It may reduce the liability of the defendant.

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