It’s almost that time of year when we turn back the clock one hour. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. E.S.T. on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Collisions and Daylight Saving Time Connection

Could a darker rush hour be a factor in an increase of collisions?

In Ontario, November isn’t always the month with the highest number of collisions of each year.

Several reports do show 5 to 6pm as having the most collisions by hour of occurrence (followed by 4 to 5pm) in Ontario. This information wasn’t broken down by month.

Some reports and news articles have referred to lower visibility as a contributing factor in an increase in collisions after the end of daylight saving time. For example, in York Region’s 2016 Annual Traffic Safety Report, it states: “The month of November had the highest number of pedestrian involved collisions, likely due to the end of daylight saving time when pedestrians are not as visible in the late afternoon hours.”

Rush Hour Safety Reminders

Regardless of the statistics and whether you’re a driver, cyclist or pedestrian, slow down during that rush hour commute! Everyone wants to arrive home safely.

Here are some ways to help avoid a collision as we adjust to a darker rush hour:

  • As a driver, take extra caution before making that turn. Even though you may have looked already, look again to see if there is a pedestrian or cyclist who has now approached from your last check. Also, adjust your driving according to weather conditions. For example, if there are wet leaves on the ground, slow down and brake earlier to combat potential loss of traction.
  • As a pedestrian, wear clothing that is light-coloured or reflective to increase visibility. Also, be cautious before crossing the street, as the driver may not realize your approach. It is prudent to make eye contact to ensure that the driver is aware of you.
  • As a cyclist, have a working headlight and reflectors on your bicycle. Use your bell or horn to ensure drivers and pedestrians are aware of your approach.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been struck and injured, assess whether you need immediate medical attention. If you would like to know your rights as a result of being injured, contact me for an initial free consultation to discuss the facts of your situation. I can be reached at 647.348.5422.