We have heard about motor vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian accidents arising out of incidents with public transit vehicles. We are now hearing more about attacks on passengers by other individuals while using public transit systems such as the TTC. Whether injuries arise out of accidents with a public transit vehicle or an assault by another person, they could be life-changing or fatal.

Of utmost importance is to determine whether immediate medical attention is needed. Even if you initially think you are not injured, you should monitor for symptoms as they may arise in the next few days and weeks; what may seem like a minor injury could turn into something more significant.

Depending on the nature of the injuries sustained, recovery may be extended and challenging. In addition to physical and mental recovery, financial recovery will be of significant concern for those injured and their family to help cover medical and other expenses, loss of wages, and emotional distress.

Financial Recovery

It is important to prioritize speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the incident occurred. They will discuss with you the appropriate avenues for financial recovery, when certain claims will need to be submitted based on time limits, and the likelihood of success based on the facts provided.

Depending on the facts, sources for financial recovery may include insurance policies (e.g., disability policy, a policy through your employer, etc.), the individual who caused the injury, the public transit authority, and any third party the public transit authority may have hired. In the case of an assault by another passenger who one thinks would not have sufficient funds to pay, one should not assume that there is no avenue for financial recovery. The other aforementioned sources may still potentially be sources to help recover expenses and damages for your injuries.

You should let your lawyer know of any notes and photographs you have related to the injuries and environment at the time of the incident. Memories about what had happened, where and when it happened, and who were present could help assess whether another party was negligent. Also, let your lawyer know if you were able to obtain contact information of witnesses. All of this information can help your lawyer determine whether it would be reasonable to pursue any claims or lawsuits.

Where appropriate, your lawyer will be able to assist you with claiming insurance benefits and launching a lawsuit. Experienced personal injury lawyers will also consider a holistic approach by guiding injured individuals and their families to resources to help with non-financial recovery, such as those related to mental health.

Being injured or attacked can be traumatizing. Let Douglas Strelshik guide you through your legal recourse in a calm and empathetic manner. He has been representing injured parties and their families in personal injury claims for over 30 years. For a free initial consultation, contact Douglas at 647.348.5422.