Title Insurance: Title insurance protects you from such unexpected problems as defects in surveys, title errors and omissions, claims or liens on a property, and fraud. These complications can cost you time and money, or even undo a transaction. Title insurance gives you legal and financial peace of mind.

Financing: A real estate lawyer can help you register a mortgage, whether you are buying a home or refinancing a property. Let us use our knowledge and experience to review loan documents for completeness and accuracy. If a problem does arise, we can fix it.

Review of Purchase and Sale Agreements: It’s vital to have an experienced real estate lawyer examine your sale or purchase agreement to make sure it does not contain loopholes or escape clauses that are not in your interest.

Review of Condo Status Certificates: When buying a resale condominium unit, it is vital to have an experienced lawyer review the condo status certificate. This document provides provides basic and essential information about the financial status of a unit and the condominium corporation. The certificate tells a prospective buyer about fees, large increases coming into effect, special assessments being contemplated by a condo board, and any arrears or liens a particular suite might have. It also contains information on by-laws, budgets, reserve funds, insurance, management contracts, rules, minutes of the last annual general meeting, and any lawsuits involving the corporation.